Cloud Services

Companies are increasingly opting for a flexible and scalable IT platform, a hybrid platform with appropriate security measures, minimum risk, maximum service, and freedom for users. Centric Cloud Services offers you all these benefits and more.

Our service also supports you with specialist services regarding, for one, governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

Proven combinations

If interfaces are needed, we take care of that too, and we provide independent advice on which cloud solutions are appropriate for your business. That way you get the perfect hybrid cloud, combining our own data centres with your private cloud, a hybrid cloud, or a public cloud such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Managed Cloud Hosting

In addition to our own cloud platform for applications based on Azure, we offer managed cloud hosting for data, websites, and digital workspaces. We take care of access and change management, and we support and test your company’s creative partners. We also guarantee continuity and CISO and technical compliance, offering 24/7 services and support, and much more.

Do you want the best in cloud services?

Hybrid balance

We provide an ideal balance of public/private cloud services and on-premises facilities/managed services.

Control over the costs

You purchase cloud services according to the pay-per-use principle, i.e. the fees change as your company grows.

No worries about infrastructure

You do not have to worry about changes to your infrastructure when you move to the cloud.

Optimal continuity

Centric fully ensures the continuity and availability of IT resources. We can demonstrate that the IT processes are fully under control, and KPI and service level reports allow you to stay in control of quality.


We offer our Cloud Services from highly secured data centres in the Netherlands. Links to the public cloud also run through Centric.

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