Web Application Assessment

Web applications form the backbone of online services. However, the internet was not designed with security in mind. Therefore, web application developers must take great care to secure private and public-facing services. In order to stay protected, Centric offers a Web Application Assessment.

How secure is your web application?

Centric assesses your web application in order to determine whether it contains any exploitable vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities could stem from old, insecure or poorly written code, from configuration issues, and even from issues related to the hosting environment.

The scope of the assessment can vary depending on the type of application, its technology stack, and its security requirements. Centric provides thorough reports in order to support security investment decisions.

The results of the assessment not only reveal potential vulnerabilities in the application, but also prioritizes these in terms of criticality supplemented with recommendations and solutions how to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

Why a Web Application Assessment?

In-depth view of your vulnerabilities

The report you get from the assessment offers you an in-depth view of your vulnerabilities present in your web application, their criticality. It also shows ways to reduce the likelihood of exploitation or the impact resulting from a successful attack.

Risk-driven investment decisions

The report of the web application assessment provides you with all of the information needed to make risk-driven investment decisions.

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