Infrastructure Scan

Modern IT infrastructures consist of a large variety of physical and digital components. It is therefore critical to obtain and maintain an overview of the vulnerabilities present in your infrastructure. With the Infrastructure Vulnerability Scan you have all the insights you need.

Hackers know your vulnerabilities. Do you?

An Infrastructure Scan assesses the security level of your infrastructure. To further investigate any vulnerabilities found, we offer an Infrastructure Assessment. This provides useful advice for mitigating the vulnerabilities.

We are able to perform two types of vulnerability scans:

  • An external scan takes the perspective of an attacker starting outside your security perimeters. The goal is then to extract as much information about the IT infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities which can be exploited in order to obtain access to internal assets.
  • An internal scan is performed from inside the internal network This often provides a more detailed view on vulnerabilities and their criticality. Furthermore, it shows what undesired actions malicious insiders or attackers who have breached the first line of defense can perform, and therefore it is a crucial component for achieving defense in depth.

Why an Infrastructure Scan?

High level insights

Our scan offers you a structured overview of the vulnerabilities in your Infrastructure. So you know where to focus on.

Risk-driven investment decisions

An infrastructure scan report provides indications of criticality based on ease of exploitation and potential impact of your vulnerabilities, as well as suggestions for mitigation.

Quick response

The insights you get from our scan enables you to quickly detect and respond to malicious actors attempting to exploit existing vulnerabilities.

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