Infrastructure Assessment

Sufficiently skilled, motivated, or resourceful attackers can exploit weaknesses. The only way to truly measure the security of your IT infrastructure is to take the perspective of an advanced attacker. Our infrastructure assessments give you an in-depth view of the vulnerabilities in your network.

An attack is the only real test of your defense

Our team of highly skilled technical security consultants make use of an extensive arsenal of powerful tools and techniques to test the resilience of your infrastructure against a variety of threats.

This allows you to evaluate the security of your infrastructure and enables you to prevent, identify and respond to malicious activity. In case any vulnerabilities are discovered, Centric provides you with actionable reports which can be used to support risk-driven security investment decisions.

Our assessments in a nutshell:

  • An external assessment takes the perspective of an external threat actor. This assessment is focused on an organization’s external, internet facing infrastructure.
  • An internal assessment tests the security of an infrastructure against malicious insiders or attackers who have gained access to the internal network of the organization. This is crucial for ensuring Defense in Depth.
  • A malware assessment is aimed at testing whether malware can purposefully or accidentally find its way into corporate devices.
  • A laptop assessment focusses on the risk of a malicious threat actors who may attempt to extract valuable information from lost or stolen laptops.

Why an Infrastructure Assessment?

Identify and mitigate weaknesses

Our team of consultants looks at your IT infrastructure in order to find ingenious ways to compromise your assets which go beyond exploiting known vulnerabilities.

Security level insights

An infrastructure assessment report provides an in-depth insight of the level of security of you IT infrastructure. The insights you get are based on ease of exploitation and potential impact of your vulnerabilities, as well as suggestions for mitigation.


Gives you the confidence that your company laptops are secure and theft or loss will not compromise other assets of your organization.

Cyber security readiness

The insights you get from the assessment enables you to quickly detect and respond to malicious activity

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