Pension administration outsourcing

Pension funds feel the pressure to reduce costs, while their administrative burden is only increasing. New laws and regulations, stricter requirements from supervisory authorities. With outsourcing, that’s all taken care of for you. Centric quickly processes the portfolios in a flexible administration system.

Control over your administration

Whatever the aspirations of your pension fund, it all starts with operations running smoothly and continuing unhindered, while of course taking into account the increasingly stringent requirements of the supervisory authorities. Centric has more than twenty years' experience in handling pension and insurance administration. Administration, smart digitalisation, smart reporting: it’s what we do, day in day out. With our help, pension funds get control over their administration, and they can demonstrate this to the supervisory authority too. We call that future-proof administration.

The pension sector is facing a multitude of challenges; what demands tomorrow will bring is not always easy to see. But that foresight is not necessary either: the flexibility of our system makes it easy to implement changes quickly. Thanks to the scale of our portfolio, we can keep our per-member processing costs low.

We administer defined benefit and defined contribution schemes, as well as combined schemes, and can handle all back office processes or a well-defined portion of the portfolio, like:

  • contract and member administration
  • accrual terminations
  • collections and/or payments
  • surrenders and value transfers

Our way of working is characterised by co-responsibility. Not only do we know the administrative processes inside and out, we are attuned to identifying ways to make those processes faster and more efficient.

Why outsource pension administration?

Low processing costs

In the flexible administration system, adjustments can be made quickly and simultaneously in all your portfolios. You benefit from the resulting low per-member processing costs.

Premium service levels

You can count on the high service levels offered under our SLAs, both in terms of availability of our systems and the security and confidentiality in the data exchange.

Compliance with regulations

We ensure that you always comply with requirements set by supervisory authorities.

Cost savings

Outsourcing helps you cut costs. What’s more, it is also a way for you as a pension fund to create more scope for product development, giving your members more control over their pension situation.

Scalable and flexible

Centric has more scope for investment in the ongoing development of systems than an individual pension fund has. Thanks to scalability, we ensure that your administration remains flexible.

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