Successful Locus WMS go-live at Simon Loos Tiel

After thorough preparations and testing, Simon Loos recently went live with the advanced Locus WMS solution at its Tiel warehouse.

The implementation was successful. Given the various complicating factors, such as the summer holiday period, coronavirus restrictions, and the fact that the warehouse is operating at Christmas peak levels all year this year, this was a great result that the collaborating parties Simon Loos and Centric look back on with pride.

Implementation of the WMS not only gives Simon Loos access to the highly comprehensive range of Locus WMS features, it also lays the foundation for a further roll-out of its data-driven decision making. All processes are now fully transparent and dashboards showing management information are available across all levels of the organisation. Locus WMS puts a world of possibilities for further expansion and innovation of the warehouse organisation at Simon Loos’ fingertips.

After the previous implementation of Locus WMS in Geldermalsen and with the project in Tiel now completed, integration at the Wognum warehouse is the next step. Centric and Simon Loos have already started preparations and are going into the next phase of their partnership full of confidence.

About Simon Loos

Since its founding in 1938, Simon Loos has grown into a leading logistics service provider with extensive experience in offering a total logistics package. The company provides flexible and multifaceted transport, warehousing, Value Added Logistics (VAL), and logistics consultancy services. With over 1,050 employees, 550 lorries/650 trailers, 85,000m2 of warehouse space, and over 30 sites, Simon Loos is among the Netherlands’ top 20 logistics service providers.

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