Response to Enterprise Chamber ruling

Gouda, 3 November 2022

Today Centric learned of the Enterprise Chamber's ruling in response to the application of the public prosecutor’s office. The Enterprise Chamber has made the following immediate provisions:

  • Transfer of management of shares in Centric Holding B.V. to a third party, leaving 1 share in Sanderink Investments.
  • Suspension of Mr. Sanderink as a member of the board.
  • Appointment of two temporary directors: an executive director with full powers of representation and a non-executive director, also chairman of the board, with a casting vote. Both will be appointed/announced by the Enterprise Chamber at a later date.
  • Suspension of Peter Mous to be 'reversed.

Centric's management team, which includes the directors of the various divisions, believes that after a period of ongoing turmoil, this has now created clarity.

In the interest of the continuity of the company, Mr. Peter Mous has decided to stay on as a non-executive director. He will spend the coming months, among other things, familiarizing himself with and supporting the assigned directors within Centric.

Continuity of service to customers ensured

Centric emphasizes that service continuity is not at stake. The organization consists of several divisions, each with its own profit & loss responsibility and independently operating management boards. Thanks to this structure, our employees are able to continue to properly support our customers in their digital transformation under all circumstances.

Contacts with our customers show that, despite the turmoil caused by governance developments, there is no doubt about the commitment, security and quality of the solutions and services provided by Centric. These remain undiminished at a high level. Peter Mous and the management team therefore explicitly express their appreciation for the unwavering commitment of all employees and the trust of our customers.

More information?

Sjoerd Pasman, Marketing and Communications Manager

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