Centric demonstrates AR during Dutch royal visit to Ireland

During the Dutch state visit to Ireland, in the presence of King Willem-Alexander, Wageningen University and Centric presented an augmented reality (AR) solution that shows the impact of changes in the landscape in real time.

“This was a dry tree planting ceremony,” King Willem-Alexander quipped to journalists after he had just planted a virtual tree. The day before, during the welcome ceremony on the first day of the state visit, he planted another, real tree in the garden of the Irish President. On that occasion it rained.

The AR presentation and the tree planting were part of the state visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to Ireland between 12 and 14 June. The royal couple’s entourage included Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag and Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok.

In addition to strengthening economic ties, a tour of various technological innovations was also on the programme. Wageningen University has been working in this field for some time with researchers from Irish company Devenish Nutrition.

A picture
Photo: ANP

Virtual scale model

Based on data and algorithms of researchers at Wageningen University, Centric's technology has created an augmented 3D model of an agricultural area in Ireland. Several Microsoft HoloLens users can simultaneously view this model from multiple perspectives and make changes to it, by planting trees for example.

The AR solution gives policymakers, agricultural companies and other stakeholders insight into the impact of possible modifications to the landscape, showing how changes like afforestation, grazing, land development, and such affect aspects like soil and water management, management costs, pesticide use, and the yields of agricultural land.

AR shows effects of virtual changes on the landscape in real time

What is unique about this solution is that adjustments to the layout of the landscape are calculated and shown in real time. AR technology immediately shows the impact of choices, making it a good tool for helping parties reach agreement.

From healthcare and education to retail and government, AR offers plenty of opportunities for business applications, as does virtual reality or a combination of both. Centric develops solutions with its clients to make their business smarter in all sorts of areas.

AR can make your processes smarter too

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities AR can offer your organisation, contact our software architect Erik Heil.