Centric contributes to top service Boon's Markt in Papendrecht

With its new Commerce-as-a-Service product, Centric has ensured that the self-scan app at Boon's Markt in Papendrecht integrates with the Omnichannel Retail Suite: Centric's point-of-sale system that Boon uses. This allows the retailer to seamlessly integrate the on- and offline consumer experience.

The integration with the Omnichannel Retail Suite via APIs ensures that the self-scan can be used to retrieve item data (description and price). In addition, the app is used to transfer the transaction to the self-scanning checkout, after which the customer pays for the transaction at the self-scanning checkout.

Customer experience

Willem Boon, commercial director at Boon Food Group B.V.: "We focus strongly on customer experience. People find it fine to spend half an hour or three quarters of an hour in our store, but if they want to checkout, they have to be able to do so quickly. Then it's nice to be able to choose an option that suits you at that moment. We are convinced that the cell phone will become more and more of a function in all processes around informing about food and buying and preparing it.”

Self-scan app

Customers of Boon`s Market Papendrecht have been able to scan groceries with a self-scan app on their cell phones since March 23. Consumers install the app themselves, with no registration requirement, and then scan and checkout products at a self-scanning checkout. Boon's ambition is to make the app accessible to everyone and eventually plans to make the technology available in other stores as well.


Commerce-as-a-Service is the platform through which Centric unlocks its Omnichannel Retail Suite via modern APIs. As a result, Point of Sale functionalities become even easier, faster and more dynamically available for self-scanning apps and eCommerce activities, for example.