Public report: the story behind the annual figures

At Centric, we are proud of what we do. That's why we like to tell you what we are working on, what we mean to our customers and what results that leads to. Curious about what we are doing? Below you will find our public reports from recent years.

In addition to our annual accounts, we publish a public report every year: a comprehensive overview of our activities, developments in the market, the management report and more in-depth information about the financial results. Discover the story behind the figures.

Jaarverslag 2021 Centric

Centric Public Report 2021

Centric closes 2021 on a positive note with an improved operating result. Our customers see us continuing to invest heavily in new technology and innovative products and services for the public sector, retail & logistics, finance & insurance and industry. Centric's ambition is to further expand its position in these markets over the coming years, both in the Netherlands and internationally. You can read how we are going to do that in our public report.

Read the annual figures and backgrounds in the Centric Public Report 2021.

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