International Women's Day 2024

Today, in celebration of International Women's Day, we are putting 5 Centricians in the spotlight for International Women's Day. They shared their insights about women in IT and gave some tips for women starting in IT.

A big thank you to Nele Roelens, An Slos, Katleen Naessens, Caroline Serlet and Claudine Buckens for your enthusiastic participation!

Can you share some experiences as a woman working in software development? What are some challenges you have encountered and how did you overcome them?

Nele: "After my studies, I applied to various companies. A classmate applied for the same positions with the same background as mine and received much faster responses, whereas I often had to wait longer or didn't receive any response at all."

An: "hen I first started in IT, certain recruitment agencies wouldn't even present me as a woman to companies because they knew they weren't open to it. Fortunately, today you don't feel like you have to prove yourself as much as a woman in IT."

“Anno 2024, you don't feel like you have to prove yourself extra hard as a woman in IT.”

An Slos Software Engineer

To what extent do you feel that, as a female developer, you influence the culture and dynamics within your team or organization?

Claudine: "In my opinion, women approach IT differently. We are more functionally inclined, while men are more technically inclined. So, we complement each other in the team."

Caroline: "There are obviously differences between men and women, and that's absolutely fine. Don't let it stop you from just being a woman in IT."

What advice would you give to other women interested in a career in software development.

Claudine: "Do what you love and do what interests you."

Nele: "IT is much more than just software development. If you're interested in IT, explore all the options available today. Despite lingering stereotypes about gender and IT, just do what you're interested in, regardless of whether you're a man or a woman."

Katleen: "My tip for women starting in IT on a male team? Be assertive, have confidence in your own abilities and above all, don't forget to just be a woman."