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Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Solutions for business has changed a lot in a short time. Due to technical and economic developments, but also to consumers, which are more and more "tech savvy" today. Therefore, we focus on processes on our customers’ distribution centers and at their head offices.

We provide solutions and services that enable our customers to improve services to their users. Examples include Warehouse Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supplementary Field Services, Supply Chain Management, Ecommerce, Omni Channel and Synchro-Logistics.

Centric offers a wide range of integrated IT solutions that controls the entire Supply Chain, from producer to consumer. Our solutions help our clients to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Make quick changes
  • Improve services to their users
  • Be able to guarantee a high level of service
  • Increase transparency around the axis of the chain 

Centric is a stable and pragmatic IT partner. An end-to-end provider to assist companies and contribute to a large competitiveness, streamlined processes and high turnover.

As IT partner for the Supply Chain, we are committed daily to retailers, wholesalers, logistics providers and publishers. Our portfolio is constantly expanding with innovative functionality and smart features combined with modern technology.