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Quick evolution in the field of automation and Internet use in particular, has made the conventional buying process a thing of the past. The traditional point of sales has become an integrated environment of various information systems within the store. The modern retailer requires versatile systems that can be easily adapted. Also, they need the assurance that products time to market is as short as possible, so they are available before the customer is even aware that they exist.

Centric develops the following software solutions in order to meet customers demand:

  • StoreWorld FrontStore - a component-based retail solution. The application is efficient, low-maintenance and easy to use. Retailers are given a wide selection and the application guarantees strong customer service.
  • StoreWorld Central BackStore - the solution for central management of our customers’ products range and thus the brain of any retail organization. The benefits are: efficient administration, higher profits, even greater time-savings, and a lower margin of error.
  • StoreWorld IntraStore – a package that offers quick and easy implementation. It is an intranet-based solution that simplifies and organizes information streams between the head office and branch locations.
  • StoreWorld Messagebus - links all the data system components within our client’s organization resulting in flexible and efficient data communication between the various components.
  • StoreWorld Selfscan - a successful self-scanning project in various pilot shops from the Netherlands. This solution allows consumers to scan product bar codes with a hand terminal on their own while shopping.