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Public Sector

We offer solutions to the parties in the Public Sector that help them reduce their costs and improve services to citizens and companies. Examples include: jobseeker support, an accurate registry, benefit payment administration, and services to ensure social engagement to the unemployed people.

New connections are the key to the success of government action. We are constantly working on new and better links between government agencies, citizens, businesses and institutions.

We provide staffing, organizational support and many standard connectivity packages to third-party, that play an important role in the management of local authorities.

We offer to our clients:

  • Consultancy or outsourcing
  • Pragmatic support in the optimization of the operations
  • Product Policy for Local Government
  • The implementation of the Act and any charge assessed for tax purposes and recovery activities for the property tax
  • Innovations in the pipeline and the legislative changes incorporated into our solutions
  • Case-oriented work, cloud, environmental code and national facility

By helping to focus on their core business and to bring services closer to the citizens, we collectively shape a government that is compact and close.

We offer modern ICT solutions to our clients. Our portfolio is constantly expanding with innovative functionality and smart features combined with modern technology.