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Housing & Healthcare

Centric offers services aimed at improving the work processes at real estate and housing corporations, hospitals, residential care providers, nursing homes and youth care centers. We do this by translating our knowledge of operational processes into outsourcing, recruitment & selection and ICT solutions.

Housing Solutions

Centric helps housing associations to return to the basics: provide both pleasant and also low-cost "social housing" for people in need for a home. That’s why they must cut costs without affecting quality.

A good ICT solution supports the business strategy. ICT helps our clients make informed decisions and control the appropriate information. For example, Centric developed Key2Wocas, an open source system that simplifies administration and allows flexible and customer-oriented Supply Chain Management.

Besides Key2Wocas, Centric also provides infrastructure solutions and professionals for designing, optimizing, managing and supporting business processes and information flow. Also, we provide consulting, training, licensing, staff support and complete outsourcing.

Healthcare Solutions

Centric Healthcare was born from challenges of our customers and their requirements. We offer a smart ICT that works at its best. The solution is one of the first completely Internet-based information systems for healthcare. Based on modern technology and oriented on functionality, the software is also simple to use and intuitive. It is used successful in various medical facilities: geriatric rehabilitation, psychosomatic specialists, acute care, retirement and nursing homes in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. This is the proof of its efficiency, ease of use and reliability.

Centric offers the most pragmatic solutions in order to let them back to what they do best: providing care!