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Competence Centers: the 'learning place'

At Centric Romania you will find people with a focus on multiple technologies: from Java to SharePoint. In order to help them grow as a team and share knowledge, we have created Competence Centers. So far we run Centers in the following six areas: Java, Microsoft, Oracle, Mobile, Testing and Soft Skills & Tools.

Through Competence Centers, we achieve the following objectives:

  • Encourage colleagues to constantly communicate with each other
  • Stay informed, discuss tips and tricks, challenge ideas
  • Create a pool of knowledge inside the organization
  • Build extensive experience on different technologies
  • Manage in-house training and knowledge sharing sessions
  • Provide a clear overview of our organization expertise to clients  

We bring people together in order to:

  • Share tips and tricks
  • Develop a common language
  • Determine standards and best practices
  • Combine giving support and advices with the necessity of debating the latest technologies  

For each Competence Center there is a technical person who organizes it and keeps track of the events, checks for new topics and challenges colleagues to get involved into presentations. These meetings are attended by the people working in the same area of expertise, but everyone is more than welcome to join.