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About School of Centric

Centric is actively involved in sustaining the continuous education and development of its employees.

School of Centric isn’t just a department, but more of a joint effort between our specialists from the Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Technical departments. Together with our Management team they are involved in identifying, attracting, and delivering the necessary training tools for our colleagues.

School of Centric in a nutshell means many things:

Proper tools

We have a learning management system that we shaped to suit our needs and offers its users multiple benefits:

  • It is content friendly.
  • It allows its users to store all documents and multimedia files they need for their courses.
  • It has a powerful assessment engine with support for multiple types of questions.
  • It is able to model learning paths and blended learning experiences – both online and instructor-led.
  • It has videoconference support which helps us share knowledge in distributed teams.
  • It has great communication tools and gamification support and features a mobile application.
  • It has a course catalogue that we update often.
  • It uses gamification to blend fun with education and to reward achievements inside Centric.

Technical Courses provided by our trainers - We have an enthusiastic training team who excels at adapting and customizing the courses to our needs, creating simulations and exercises that lead to a better understanding of the concepts.

Network of training providers - We are always looking for new providers and trainers in the education market who can help us offer good educational experiences to our colleagues and help them improve both soft skills and technical skills.

E-learning platforms like Pluralsight, Skillsoft on which our colleagues have accounts that give them access to documentation in various fields.

An internal library with printed books and e-books.

A strong relationship with our local universities to develop customized courses for students; to create access to internships; and to involve our specialists, equipment, and resources in different research projects. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the opportunities for developing your career, send us an email at schoolof.centric@centric.eu or check our vacancies.