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Why You Need Emotional Intelligence in Life, Work, and IT [Infographic]

Written by Andy Nelson - 11 May 2018

Andy Nelson
Looking for a way to get ahead in work and life? Start focusing on your EQ.

When most people hear the word intelligence, they think or how “smart” someone is. This usually means things like math, science, technology, and other areas where remembering facts and performing calculations are necessary.

But there are other areas of intelligence that are also important, yet overlooked. One such area is emotional intelligence (EQ). In our personal and professional lives, emotional intelligence can be a factor in our relationships, stress management, and can even play a role in leadership potential and promotions.

This is especially true in technology fields, where advanced AI is able to perform many technical tasks that at one point only people were able to do. In the future, as we compete more and more with machines, we have to stay one step ahead. One way is to improve our skills in areas where AI can’t: creativity, empathy, management, conflict resolution, negotiation, and others. An essential factor in all of those things is emotional intelligence (EQ).

No matter what your role in life or work is, emotional intelligence is a valuable asset to have to increase your quality of life and to advance your career. The infographic below, from the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business, will help you learn more about the benefits of EQ.

emotional intelligence infographic

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