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Sebastian Agachie, Cybersecurity Discipline Coordinator EH

Sebastian Agachie, EH“If you are looking for a corporate testimonial or for some fancy company description, you should stop here. What I’m about to share with you is a short “trailer” about how ideas are born and how these ideas can come to life, here at Centric.

So, my name is Sebastian and I’m a plant (according to the Belbin personality test, a plant is the kind of person who has the ability to create ideas on the fly). So, if you have ever been in a difficult situation and  found a solution through a crazy new idea or if you can sit at a table, eat, drink, look out the window or even read this “testimonial” and generate new thoughts about “things” , then you my friend, are a plant.

But let’s set aside biology and  get back to “making  your ideas happen”.
The problem with being a plant and having a lot of ideas is sustaining those ideas and putting them into practice. For example, I’m very well aware that I have had a lot of cool ideas during my life, maybe some were better than Mark Zuckerberg’s “Facebook project”, but without the guts, without the resources, and without a team it was pretty hard – almost impossible – to put those ideas into practice. But if you are truly committed and if you work really hard, life will eventually give you an opportunity and it’s up to you to take advantage of this opportunity or let it slip away.

For me, this opportunity was the “Green Element X” AKA Centric. During my first few years at Centric, I have been blessed to meet, know and become friends with a lot of great, inspiring people, who have valued my contributions and made me feel courageous. Together with this group of people, I started different projects and, at some point, I just started sharing some of my ideas about new initiatives. I was amazed at how much my colleagues valued my input and how they gave me the space and everything I needed to bring some of my “shy” ideas to life. Time flies and if I look back on this past year,  I can see that a lot of my colleagues are following the same example: expressing themselves  and getting company support in order to gain experience and bring new and different trends to life.

If you work at Centric and if you are a colleague of mine, don’t be too shy to share your creativity. Maybe your new idea could be the start of the next trend.
If you are not a colleague of mine, don’t be shy, send us your resume.”