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Are you able to ride the new IT waves in retail?

Customers demand innovative and inspiring new services like mobile payments everywhere in your store. IT plays a crucial role in enabling these new possibilities in the entire customer journey. To keep customers satisfied, physical shops need to be as smart and connected as their online counterparts. And now they can. Are you keeping up with the new IT wave in retail?

Tired of wasting your time handling multiple technologies with too many IT business partners? Then make the switch! Centric offers one comprehensive, best in class Omnichannel Retail Suite that supports all new possibilities your business can come up with. Well, almost all. Whether you demand self-checkout, a mobile solution or an app, our managed services for retail provide a smart and connected shop floor 24/7, helping you to free up your mind and workload.

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Are you ready to jump ahead of the competition and ‘surf’ your customers the way you like? Visit our booth and discover how you too can catch the wave.

We help retailers succeed. Can you keep up with the ambitions and ideas of your business? We at Centric would love to help. We are a reliable partner that helps you face the challenges of an ever changing IT landscape.