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Working at Centric

Research has shown that all people think that there’s more to life than just work. And we agree 100%. On the other hand, if you have to work, you may as well be doing something that’s a bit fun. You want a job that offers a challenge while you gain enough knowledge to master your trade.

Centric is a close-knit, relaxed company (no suits required), a place where we think it’s important to invest in our employees. You know, the ‘our people are our success’ kind of thing. The upshot of this is that when you work at Centric, you are given plenty of space and freedom to experiment with the latest methods and technologies. You also get a wide variety of training opportunities as well as personal coaching, both on the job and to help you along in your career, which is great since there’s no shortage of career opportunities at Centric.

Our 7 promises to you

When you work for Centric, you can be assured of our 7 promises. These promises are a reflection of our company culture; they tell you what we stand for and how we work.

1. We put you first (people) 

We think it’s important that you feel happy, free and valued in your job, and within the company as a whole. So we do our best to create a personal bond with you. At Centric, you can count on personal guidance and respect for your work/life balance.  And if you want to advance and could use some career advice, there is always someone here who is ready to help.

2. We offer great challenges (challenges)

At Centric, you are given the space to tackle new challenges, discover your hidden talents and develop yourself as an employee and as a person. And you can push your limits further thanks to the diversity of projects, the generous career opportunities and room for advancement, and the changing world in which our company operates.

3. We will help you advance (progress)

We’ll help you turn your ambitions into reality. We offer courses and certified training programs, and attractive growth and career opportunities too. Since Centric is continuously growing and discovering ways to turn new trends to its advantage, there’s no need for you to stand still either because it’s easy to change jobs or switch to a different division.

4. We offer a no-nonsense, open working environment (being real)

Being yourself and accepting others as they are, these are highly respected values at Centric. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure that the workplace is a comfortable, open and relaxed place to be. And if you’re not one to meekly hide your views, we’re always glad to hear fresh ideas that can help us go further.

5. We are a pragmatic company (pragmatism)

Centric is level-headed and pragmatic. We tell it like it is and we live up to our promises. Centric is a horizontal organisation, meaning it has short lines of communication that allow you to quickly connect with colleagues, managers and even members of the board.

6. We'll get it done, together

We understand that you want to have satisfaction in your work, and that’s why we keep you closely involved in the organisation. We encourage you to think pro-actively and provide your input at all levels, and we let you do your work the way that suits you best.

7. We provide stability (solidity)

We operate in various countries and markets, and we are not a listed company, meaning we are not particularly sensitive to economic fluctuations. Centric can offer you stability and continuity, even during an economic storm. Centric has shown healthy growth over the last few years too, and we’ve achieved excellent annual results.