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Great vision without great people is irrelevant.

Centric needs IT professionals like you, who have three or more years of experience. With your experience and expertise you can be one of the pillars of our organization. If you are tired of working “inside the box”, you should give your career an upgrade!

Freedom to choose your direction

Considering that we are active in every IT field, you have the freedom to decide in which direction your career develops itself. You may choose to specialize in your favorite field, climb the career ladder or make a sidestep to another field. Here are some of the many reasons you should work with us:

You continue to grow

Being active in almost every field of IT, Centric gives you space to choose your own direction, ambition and talent. Moreover, we offer you the best training opportunities to increase your knowledge. We invest in our professionals by helping you to develop your career continuously.

You can be yourself among us

Diversity provides opportunities. Different views and backgrounds contribute to innovative products and services. This is exactly what Centric and our customers are looking for. Centric is also an open and informal organization. We work together well.

You are free to get creative

Enjoying your work is a prerequisite for success. We offer our employees a lot of individual freedom. You have an important word to say in the selection of projects. Our projects are often complex, that will keep you challenged.

You are free to take personal initiative

We offer you plenty of room for personal initiative. If you have a good idea, it does not have to be approved by extensive procedures. Here, at Centric, you get freedom and responsibility.

Read below what our Centric professionals from Iasi have to say:

Andreea, QA Engineer

"I have been with Centric since 2012, as a software tester. Working on multiple projects was challenging and allowed me to self-improve, to develop my talent and technical skills. One of the many things I really love here is that you are being offered all the support you need to build a successful career. Needless to say, the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, the nice environment and the quality people are some of the other reasons I enjoy being here. Centric is not only a great company to work for, but a long-term career development plan."

Florin, Technical Lead

"I joined Centric in December 2012 as a Technical Lead for one of the biggest projects at that moment. Working for the last 17 years in this field, at that moment I was looking for a place where I could find challenges and I could improve not only my technical skills but also my people skills. If someone is asking me now if that was a good decision I would say without any doubts: “Yes. It was.” Until now I had the opportunity to work in a very nice and good environment, with very well prepared people and I saw from the beginning that Centric, as a company, always puts people first. As I said from the beginning, I started as Technical Lead on the Storeworld project and after a few months I became Scrum master for the .NET team. Being a very large team, with a lot of strong characters from different cultures (Romanians and Belgians as well), I could say that my expectations were accomplished and I was able to reach my targets, growing and learning together with my colleagues. Those are some things that are very important for me because coming to work is like spending time with my family or with my friends."

Find out which position would suit you best and send us your full résumé in English by e-mail to: recruitment.lithuania@centric.eu