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Training documentation

Training documentation based on actual projects

Software implementation projects are hugely complex and expensive undertakings, which will almost certainly fail if your users have not received adequate training. Inadequately trained users require up to four times as long to learn how to use new or updated applications and submit requests for support up to six times more often. Oracle Tutor, UPK and UPK Professional software packages make it possible for you to train your users continuously, efficiently and cost-effectively and offer rapid payback by achieving higher user acceptance.

Your project teams can reduce the costs of content development by up to 40% with these solutions. You create e-Learning courses, user documentation and training materials from the project documentation and information used for the Key User Workshops. There is no duplication as documentation, simulations and online help are created and published in a single procedure. Automated process steps and preconfigured content save you time and money during software implementation.

Oracle User Productivity Kit supports 21 languages including German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Swedish. Furthermore, Oracle UPK is application-independent and can be used equally effectively with applications such as SAP or Microsoft, in addition to Oracle Business Solutions. As a result, a single learning environment covers all of your application training course requirements.