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Advice on training needs

Maximum benefit through targeted training

Your users' productivity is strongly dependent on the quality of the initial and advanced training they receive and their acceptance of the software applications that are in use. Only employees who are aware of the current work processes and know exactly how to use the software systems available for handling these processes are capable of achieving high-quality results in their work and high productivity.

We advise you on suitable training for your users, identify training gaps and training needs and work with you to draw up a training plan. The required training courses are provided by our experienced trainers, either at your site or at our training complex. Where appropriate, we offer you the use of Oracle UPK e-Learning platform.

Our targeted training courses not only result in improved user qualifications, they also significantly reduce the number of requests for help desk intervention and support. This in turn leads to greater productivity in the area of help desk and support activities, as the remaining tickets are formulated more precisely and can be handled in a more targeted manner.