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e-Learning with Oracle UPK - User Productivity Kit

The faster route to performance, productivity and optimisation

Are you introducing new software at different sites throughout your company, or do you want to migrate to a new release? Do numerous users located at different international sites need to be able to work with it without any problems? And do you face time limitations, limited staff resources and budget restrictions for this complex task?

If so, please contact us to find out more about Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK). Oracle UPK is a unique, flexible solution that allows you to reliably provide training material, courses, documentation and support for your users. Some typical examples of how Oracle UPK is applied:

  • Support for company-wide and international roll-outs and upgrades
  • Simultaneous training for large numbers of users at different sites in different languages
  • Creation of up-to-date training material
  • Task-related and user-focused training courses
  • Web-based training

Oracle is the only software producer to offer complete training solutions that allow your business to efficiently create and use training and project content during the total software solution life cycle from the initial project idea, followed by application implementation and the upgrade.