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JD Edwards Training

Higher productivity through user acceptance

All investments in software systems are associated with risk in that the expected benefits may not be achieved and the investments may only pay off to a limited extent. This risk can be minimised through consistent, correct and extensive use of the deployed systems. The prerequisite for this is that the users are aware of, accept and implement the processes and activities.

However, during normal operations, user productivity is also strongly dependent on the quality of the initial and advanced training given to the users and their acceptance of the software applications that are in use. Total productivity increases when users know the best way of performing their tasks.

We advise you on training for your users, identify the training needs and draw up training plans together with you. Our experienced trainers implement the required training courses using the Oracle UPK e-learning platform.

Oracle is the only software producer to offer complete training solutions that allow your business to efficiently create and use training and project content during the total project life cycle from the initial project idea, followed by application implementation and the upgrade. Oracle Tutor, Oracle UPK and Oracle UPK Professional ensure seamless knowledge transfer and the level of user competence required to maximise the added value of your software implementations, minimise risk, increase productivity and reduce costs.