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JD Edwards CNC

Specialists for a flexible IT infrastructure

Configurable Network Computing (CNC) is the term used for the technical architecture of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Business solutions. CNC makes highly configurable, shared applications on multiple platforms possible. There is no need for users to know which platforms or databases are involved in a specific task.

For example, a single enterprise can operate multiple instances of EnterpriseOne on different hardware and middleware (including different databases) and the same information and functionality will be available to all users.

Businesses can achieve a previously unheard of flexibility in their IT infrastructures with JD Edwards CNC architecture. As you would expect, the underlying concept of this CNC architecture is extremely complex and demanding. In order to use the possibilities of the system, you need specialists who are fully versed in all aspects of CNC architecture for implementation, configuration, maintenance and service.

We have acknowledged CNC experts at our disposal who have proved their expertise in multiple successful projects, and we support you with our know-how to ensure that you benefit in full from all of the possibilities of the CNC architecture.