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ERP system migration or replacement

Are you planning to introduce a new ERP system? Or is your existing system going to be replaced in the context of an international roll-out? And do you need to be able to access the existing data for many years to come?

We support you in transferring your data to the new system. We shut down the old system and ensure that you can start it up again without problems as required, e.g. for an audit by the tax authorities. Or we archive the old data, such as tax-relevant transaction data and change documentation in the application that has been replaced. We provide an archiving system that is very simple and very reliable for this purpose.

Prior to a project of this type, we advise you on the tasks you will face during an ERP system migration or replacement. If required, we can support you by providing staff which you may no longer have available due to divestment decisions.

Put your trust in our experience. Please contact us, we look forward to advising you.