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Reporting solution for Oracle's JD Edwards

In today's environment, financial information has to be analysed from numerous different perspectives and verified almost daily in support of business decision-making. Department-specific cost information, sales revenues by area, budgets and operating costs must be up-to-date and available at all times. Information is required in real time and the tools needed for this must be simple and easy to use. Centric has developed user-friendly, high-performance solutions for these requirements.

Spreadsheet Server

Spreadsheet Server is a powerful Excel add-in, which transfers data from your general ledger directly into your Excel spreadsheets in real time. It offers complete drill-drown functionality to review the tiniest details and allows flexible production of real-time reports:

  • Real-time access to your financial data
  • The security concept of your ERP system is taken into account
  • Users can create "live" reports in next to no time - no more downloading, cutting and pasting or exporting data
  • Preconfigured out-of-the-box solution for all general ledgers
  • Reduction of the workload when finalising the accounts
  • Real-time creation of monthly, quarterly and year-to-date reconciliations and final accounts
  • Drill-down functionality to review the tiniest details when working in Excel

Spreadsheet Server

Executive DASH allows users to construct dashboard views for critical business data. Executive DASH is an Excel add-in which reads the data from your databases and imports it into a spreadsheet (available for DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and Microsoft Access):

  • Links to different data sources
  • Easy-to-use query builder
  • Import/export of preconfigured queries
  • Use of the built-in Wizard to create formulas
  • Use of information from the spreadsheet as parameters for queries

The special features of this software include:

  • Real-time account balances
    You can retrieve the current account balances and quarterly balances using simple Excel formulas. The Formula Wizard supports you when defining new formulas.
  • Account combinations
    You can use wild cards, scales or segment lists to call up any combination of accounts in a single row within the spreadsheet.
  • Drill-down functionality
    The ability to drill down in real time makes it possible to retrieve detailed account and general ledger information to create a complete summary of account information, information on general ledger entries and to access creditors, debtors and inventory subsystems. You can combine your financial reports with account analyses in order to achieve more efficient analysis of the most important data.
  • Security features
    Access restriction based on account segment information guarantees application security. In addition, Spreadsheet Server takes the existing security concept of Oracle's JD Edwards into account.
  • Spreadsheet distribution
    You can automate the distribution process for your analyses and reports with the distribution tool incorporated in Spreadsheet Server.