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Mobile data capture

Improved production and logistics processes

Significant competitive opportunities and new business possibilities can only be exploited to the full if your logistics processes are as efficient as your electronic handling processes. High-performance, integrated and flexible logistics processes are a prerequisite for cost-effectively concluding business transactions and satisfying your customers.

Paper-based processes make all logistics operations complex, laborious, error-prone and time-consuming. ERP systems, warehouse management systems or other business software solutions allow management of orders, stocks and production processes. However, this falls short if additional logic needs to be applied. For example, guided order picking, FIFO principle, serial number management.

Automated mobile data capture

Automated mobile data capture provides a clear picture of stocks, warehouse changes, goods receipts and goods dispatches. All goods changes are immediately available in the ERP system. Processing takes place in real time, which means the availability of warehouse and plant inventories at the press a button and invoices that are sent at the same time as the ordered goods.

Our barcode solution for Oracle JD Edwards makes it possible to install company-wide systems for mobile data capture and processing and closely integrate them with your business software. Our solution guarantees real-time synchronisation of the materials and goods flows on the one hand and the information and data flows on the other hand.

Our solution for mobile data capture offers you the following major advantages:

  • Connection to a wide variety of databases (DB2, MS SQL Server, Oracle)
  • Use of the most modern processing methods available (XML, PI, COM)
  • Selectable communication methods (synchronous, asynchronous)
  • Predefined and customer-specific transactions
  • Freely definable error and event handling including extensive monitoring functionality (also remote)
  • Network security (128-bit password encryption)
  • Electronic signature, complies with the strict requirements of the American FDA's Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Part 11
  • Multiple language capability and support for Unicode
  • Integrated RFID solution

We support use of a wide variety of devices such as:

  • Wireless barcode scanners
  • RFID reading and writing devices
  • Barcode printers and RFID label printers
  • Scales, transponders, sensors, conveyors and automatic warehouse management systems

Reduction of data entry, elimination of input errors and full integration in the total logistics workflow lead to optimised logistics processes, drastically shortened processing times, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.