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Centric DIP

'GDPdU' for your business

The principles of data access and auditability of digital documents (Grundsätze zum Datenzugriff und zur Prüfbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen/GDPdU) came into effect upon publication in the German Federal Tax Gazette (Bundessteuerblatt) on 16/7/2001. These principles state that it must also be possible to provide all stored documents and notes that are relevant to tax matters in a machine-readable form for the purpose of company audits and if requested by the fiscal authorities. This change in legislation applies to all businesses, regardless of their size, that are officially registered in the German Federal Republic. Business management is responsible for providing the data.

The solution is Centric DIP - Digital Auditing:

  • Fully integrated in your JD Edwards ERP System
  • No changes to the user interface
  • Immediately operational

Just 7 steps to achieve your goal:

  1. Add query
    You can store as many queries as you like for re-use at a later time.
  2. Select tables for the task
    All of the tables available in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne/World can be selected.
  3. Define data selection
    Additional data selections can be created variably.
  4. Select table fields
    Click to select the desired table fields.
  5. Define table relationships
    This requirement has its origin in the GDPdU description standard. The relationships can be defined in a simple mask.
  6. Execute query
    If successful, the query delivers a directory for each data carrier, which can be written to the corresponding media. The XML description file can be created with a single click.
  7. Create data carriers
    You use the CD burning software available in your business to create the data carrier (CD).