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VAT package for JD Edwards

The activities for finalising the monthly accounts include checking and preparing the advance VAT return. This step must be supported, documented and implemented as efficiently and transparently as possible by your computer system. First of all, proof of the correlation between the turnover and the tax amounts that have been entered must be created for internal and external VAT audit purposes. When doing so, the tax entries must be prepared in such a way that the official VAT return can be directly derived.

The standard solution offered by Oracle's JD Edwards supports correct identification of the tax entry in the general ledger and listing of the tax amounts. Next, manual steps are required in order to compare the tax analysis in the general ledger to the identified tax, transfer the amounts to the official form and communicate the data to the authorities. We offer an integrated system-supported solution package for JD Edwards users in order to carry out this process efficiently and securely.

The solution is Centric's UVA VAT package

Centric's UVA VAT package extends Oracle's JD Edwards software to include German VAT reporting. By using the new VAT audit report in which the completeness and correctness of the tax data can be verified simply and quickly, the data that needs to be submitted can be displayed in a user-friendly manner in your JD Edwards software using a preview of the advance VAT return. The data is already displayed here very clearly in the same structure as the official VAT return form.

If the data is correct, you can submit the return directly from JD Edwards to the tax authorities using the optional Elster interface and save the confirmation of receipt as proof of successful data transfer.


Centric's UVA package can be imported very simply into existing JD Edwards systems as an ASU using the standard JD Edwards installation method.

An additional business services server is required in order to use the Elster function. Depending on your system landscape, this may either be an existing web server or can be installed on an in-house (virtual) server.

When combined with the tax authorities' ERiC module, Centric's UVA package provides all of the prerequisites for successful automatic submission of the advance VAT return. You can easily register for the Elster procedure with ElsterOnline and select the authentication process.

Flexible settings

Clear user prompting and the intuitive user interface make it possible for users to carry out the essential activities and configure essential settings themselves:

  • Definition of the advance VAT return lines for use in the preview feature
  • Allocation of the JD Edwards tax rates to the report items in the advance VAT return
  • Copying the definitions to the following year and amending them if necessary
  • The tax rates used are freely definable and can be configured by you or taken from your existing system.


Testing, verification and reporting can be performed efficiently and directly in JD Edwards in just a few steps:

  • Comparing the tax entered with the calculated tax using Centric's VAT audit document
  • Optional: Preview of the VAT to be reported
  • Creation of the advance VAT return
  • Submission of the advance VAT return