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Centric BCM

Bank and Cash Management for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Entering account statements and matching receipts to open entries is a time-consuming task. Your employees have to match open entries to receipts manually, receipt by receipt, day by day. You can save valuable time for your employees by automating these recurrent tasks with Centric's Bank and Cash Management (BCM) solution. Electronic account statements can be imported into JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and automatically matched to the associated open entries or the accounts. Centric BCM enables you to improve your efficiency.

Importing account statements:

  • Creation of a back-up in a back-up directory
  • Check on duplicate payments
  • Opening and closing balance check relative to the previous statement
  • Searching for the related payers based on bank information
  • Starting automatic allocation
  • Automatic allocation to the general ledger and debtors

The module offers more than 20 routines, which can be organised in a structure. The most frequently used routines are:

  • Account number
  • Customer order number
  • Reference
  • Address number
  • The last 4 digits of the account number
  • Delivery note number

The structure can be linked to the bank account and customer number. Automatic allocation attempts to allocate a payment to one or more accounts. The possible and actually deducted discount and rules for depreciation are also taken into account. Depreciation can be handled in a way that is specific to a customer, as a fixed amount and/or as a percentage.

Working with account statements

Account statements are verified, allocated and processed. The information provided includes:

  • Statistical information about allocation
  • Debtor payment (including automatic allocation)
  • Receipt of payment
  • Non-allocated payment
  • New debtor account (reverse charges, credit notes)
  • General ledger entries
  • Manual payment of creditors
  • New creditor account
  • Supports standard MT940 outout formats

Other formats can be offered.

The BCM software is available for all JD Edwards EnterpriseOne versions as of 8.12.