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SharePoint Workflow: streamline your work processes

Clear processes and procedures ensure higher efficiency and productivity. This is also true when it comes to providing your employees with the correct information and instructions at the moment that a task needs to be performed. You can achieve this through workflow management: the process of establishing and managing business processes.

Centric recommends Microsoft SharePoint as a workflow management platform. SharePoint Workflow automates processes such as sick leave and time off, as well as document review. But SharePoint Workflow can also be used for more complicated automation issues. It’s possible for the workflow for an employee’s leave request, for example, to check directly in the HR system to see whether the employee has sufficient leave time. The workflow can even process the approved request directly in the payroll. 


Another option is to use the workflow as a notification function for contract management within SharePoint. In this case, the contract holder is alerted to an extension or re-tendering of the contract with plenty of time to spare. This prevents contracts from being automatically extended.

With SharePoint Workflow:

  • you increase efficiency by avoiding unnecessary steps (cost reduction)
  • you encourage a consistent method of working, which benefits the level of quality
  • you make your employees aware of their tasks and responsibilities
  • you improve the control of your business process 
  • you improve existing processes by locating bottlenecks
  • you gain insight into the process in real time
  • you ensure shorter processing times
  • you reduce the use of paper
  • you limit the amount of e-mail traffic

In addition to standard workflow options, Centric also frequently employs Nintex Workflow . This is an add-on that makes it easier to set up workflows via SharePoint, without the need for a programmer.

Centric has automated many business processes for various clients over the years, including, for example, BKR, the City of Zoetermeer, ProRail and BsGW.