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SharePoint Portals: collaboration through accurate information

SharePoint Portals make it possible for employees to find the correct information quickly and to work together efficiently, in an online environment, wherever and whenever.

The focus is on what you want

The information that the portal offers depends on your organisation and your wishes in regard to information sharing. That also applies to the options and set-up of the platform. That’s why Centric always implements SharePoint in cooperation with the client. We no only look at technical aspects, we also listen to the needs and wishes of your employees and assist them in use of the solution.

The main features of SharePoint Portals

  • SharePoint Portals can be used as a Content Management System for providing your employees and customers with information. Or as a powerful Document Management System that simplifies document management.
  • With SharePoint Portals you have workflows at your disposal that automate processes and can be adapted to your organisation.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office comes standard with SharePoint Portals.
  • SharePoint Portals offers multiple portals for different target groups. This can include, for example, intranet solutions for your employees and extranet solutions for your customers.
  • SharePoint Portals offers a comprehensive authorisation structure; the user only has access to information which is relevant to him or her.
  • The standard site templates make it possible to share information and to collaborate.
  • SharePoint Portals can be supplemented with specific site templates developed by Centric, which give you the insight you need into your projects and customers.
  • SharePoint Portals can be linked to third-party systems (CRM solutions for example) that further enhance the insight you have into your customers.

The SharePoint portal solution is scalable and can be expanded with new options anytime your organisation wants.

Key advantages

  • Always access to the correct information
  • A single entry point for all information and activities
  • Much less e-mail correspondence since all information is shared in one place
  • The portals are tailored for a certain target group (employees, customers, suppliers)
  • Users only see that which they need
  • Accessible both online and offline
  • Easy to expand (on your own) with new functions
  • Easy to use thanks to a recognisable look and feel.

Cloud, On Premise of hosting?
Your situation will determine the best place to install and manage SharePoint Portals. Some organisations can benefit from positioning SharePoint Portals in the ‘cloud’ with Microsoft, while other companies choose to place the solution on premise, on their own servers. It’s also possible to have Centric host the portals. We will be glad to work with you on this and to assist you with whatever variant you choose.