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SharePoint Document Management: optimise your document stream

Every company process depends on documents and files. And for many organisations the number of documents is growing all the time. The result? Mailboxes and network drives overflow, documents are e-mailed back and forth or are stored locally and in e-mail as well as on network drives. And often in different versions to boot.

How do you ensure that you have access to the right documents at the right time? How do you store your documents in a clear way so you can locate them quickly?

Your business is largely dependent on having the most recent information at your disposal when you need it. This is the only way to make well-considered decisions. SharePoint helps you manage your document stream. 

Key features of SharePoint Document Management

  • Information is easy to find with the search function and logical use of sites and lists.
  • Designating a document with the right characteristics makes all your documents easier to find.
  • Your documents are given a clear appearance through the development of templates that are integrated into SharePoint.
  • Use of revision control means your teams will always be working with the most recent versions. 
  • Employees check in and out to prevent documents from being overwritten.
  • Flexible workflows let you avoid submitting the wrong document to a customer.
  • Data that you no longer require is archived correctly by establishing a record centre.
  • Integration between Office and SharePoint is optimised by Office add-ons designed by Centric.
  • SharePoint can be linked to Outlook. This lets you only e-mail links to the most recent document, instead of the entire document.