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Incoming invoices are usually subject to long processing times in a company: from opening the correspondence and sorting, manually processing and incorporating the invoices into the accounting procedure, to verifying and settling the invoices. Each of these steps takes a lot of time, while also increasing the risk of error.

Thanks to Arco Invoice, processing incoming invoices is now fully automated, freeing up a lot of time so you can work more efficiently.

Arco Invoice is a turnkey application based on standard Arco components: Arco DocRoom (document management) and Arco Routing (workflow). This makes it possible to expand to other applications, based on the same technology.


  • Thanks to the short implementation time, you will see a return after just 18 months.
  • High flexibility in setting up approval flows
  • Arco Invoice can be expanded to more general document management and workflow applications.
  • It’s no longer necessary to save the original paper invoices.
  • Invoices can be easily located and won’t get lost anymore.
  • It’s no longer necessary to make photocopies for those in charge of approval.
  • Internal document transport can be eliminated.
  • Major time savings thanks to a huge reduction in time spent on data entry and because invoices no longer have to be manually filed and located.
  • This module is, of course, fully integrated with CS Project and CS Finacc.