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Document & Workflow Management

Workflow: Arco Routing for invoicing. Arco’s workflow makes it possible to register incoming invoices and to follow up on them, letting you manage structured task sequences such as approval of suppliers’ invoices.

Invoices can be tracked and sent electronically, along with any attachments such as order slips or delivery notes.

You can include multiple people and services in the processing of incoming invoices. The module is structured through the Arco Routing graphic designer, so it’s easy to make changes to the procedure. The software can be linked to the image of the invoice and to all the information on the invoice, such as subtotals, VAT rates etc.

And OCR recognition substantially reduces the time needed for registration of an invoice. 

Arco DocRoom

Electronic documents are managed in an electronic document management system. Documents can be organised according to a hierarchy concept or based on metadata.

A sample of the functions:

  • Documents can be located via a web browser. Full text OCR and full text searches are supported
  • Revision management is available
  • New developments and updates can be e-mailed automatically based on profiles
  • Security settings can be precisely adjusted
  • CDs and DVDs can be produced for archiving and consultation.

Integration of Arco with Centric solutions:

  • After scanning and OCR recognition of a digital invoice, the invoice is automatically entered in CS Finacc, CS Project and/or CS Trade. This yields significant time savings.
  • From CS Solutions you can directly access digital documents via the document button.
  • Approval decisions are transmitted to CS Solutions after approval of the invoices via the workflow.