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Customer Relations Management

The solution for smooth and efficient relationship management. CS Contact is the solution for managing your business relations. It lets you monitor the information of your important contacts and relations in a central place and also see which actions are still open for a particular contact and which have been completed.

Integration of CS Contact with the other CS Solutions modules stands out in:

  • Addresses that can be accessed anywhere and are centrally managed; 
  • Contacts that can be accessed in all modules and are centrally managed; 
  • Centralised follow-up on quotes; 
  • Central overview of the activities for a certain business relation from various processes;
  • Projects that can be accessed from that relation.

Your advantages:

  • Central overview of the status of a business relation; 
  • Central recording of data, but with options for de-centralised use; 
  • Integration with MS Office; 
  • Connection to Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) for automatic selection of the contact on the phone, which makes it easy to call contacts;
  • Flexible implementation and management of mailings.