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Excellent customer experience and conversion: in-store, online and on your doorstep

Top-quality customer service with real-time data across all your channels

The way we shop has changed dramatically and is increasingly driven by innovation. We no longer shop exclusively in-store or exclusively online. We want the best of both worlds — personal interaction with the power of data-driven service. This is where the Omnichannel Retail Suite comes in.

Your customers expect excellent service, well-informed staff and a smooth checkout process. The Omnichannel Retail Suite gives your staff all the information they need to provide just this, from information about stock and products, promotions and loyalty schemes to customers’ personal preferences and the various payment and delivery options. The Omnichannel Retail Suite makes this data available in real time everywhere across all touchpoints.

Blurring the line between online and offline

Exceeding your customers’ expectations by converting data in the right place and at the right time into a relevant offer, both online and in-store. The Omnichannel Retail Suite makes this possible:

real-time connection between online and offline

Real-time connection between on- and offline

Integrated with all ERP systems

Integrated with
all ERP systems

Tried and tested by several major retailers

Tried and tested by several major retailers

Based on the latest insights, such as unified commerce

The latest insights (unified commerce)

Full retail functionality

Full retail

Multiple languages and currencies

Multiple languages and multiple currencies

Responsive design

Responsive design
(multi-device / multi-OS)

A single platform  for all touchpoints  and channels

A single platform
for all touchpoints
and channels

The Omnichannel Retail Suite is a tried-and-tested solution that helps you achieve your goals and ambitions. It was built using cutting-edge technology and supports all the latest developments, such as mobile payments, pick-up and home delivery, click-and-collect, self-scan and self-checkout. 

Omnichannel Retail Suite components

The Omnichannel Retail Suite has various components, including the following:

  • Omnichannel Business Platform
    Connect online and offline touchpoints across all sales channels, both with each other and with your central back office.
  • inPosition Service & Checkout
    A single platform for all your touchpoints with a smooth checkout process and up-to-date product and stock information
  • Omnichannel Promotion & Loyalty
    Retain customers with a sophisticated centralised promotions engine and loyalty options
  • Product Information Management
    Maintain a consistent image and brand experience throughProduct Information Management.
  • inConnexion, your social intranet
    A user-friendly and professional intranet platform designed for the retail sector