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One central platform for your digital logistics processes

Choose paperless transport and digital collaboration with company drivers, owner-operators and customers

If you are one of those transport companies who is still working with paper consignment notes and keeping your accounts in ring binders, it’s time to join the ever-increasing number of colleagues who have switched over to paperless operations. After all, your customers demand a transparent and efficient transport process and real-time information on their shipments. Digitisation has become a must, so there’s no time like the present to discover LISA, the logistics platform that enables smooth digital collaboration. LISA simplifies paperless transport and data exchange.

LISA is a unique platform that has been developed in collaboration with leading logistics service providers. With LISA, you send your transport orders directly to your drivers’ smartphone, and the logistics process is handled entirely digitally. No more error-prone paper consignment notes — instead, you now have a digital document that is updated in the back-office system in real time. LISA is your fastest route to an effective logistics chain.

The benefits of working digitally with LISA

There are plenty of benefits to operating a paperless business using the LISA digital logistics chain, including:

  • Transparency and efficiency in the supply chain
  • Real-time processing of consignment notes and other documents
  • Lower administration costs, higher predictability in the supply chain
  • Integrates with your current back-office systems
  • Free LISA app to support drivers (iPhone, Android)
  • Start with digitisation within days

LISA lets you send your transport orders from your TMS, WMS or ERP directly to the smartphone of your company drivers or owner-operators. The information on a shipment is available to both you and your customer the minute a customer signs for receipt. LISA can ‘talk’ to virtually any back-office system, works using a free app on any smartphone and communicates flawlessly with TransFollow.