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Optimise your logistics chain with a high-tech controlling WMS

Locus WMS: warehouse management with flexible logistics flows, efficient warehouse processes and greater stock accuracy

Your warehouses play a crucial role in your logistics chain. Greater efficiency in your warehouses translates directly into added value for your company, and a reliable and intelligent warehouse management system is indispensable. Enter Locus WMS: the market-leading controlling warehouse management system.

Locus WMS is a controlling warehouse management system that brings efficiency to your warehouse and simplicity to the work floor. It gives your employees clear, straightforward tasks, allowing them to do their jobs more effectively. Locus WMS also offers features like real-time KPI summaries, advanced shipping note functionality, transport management integration, a dashboard interface and a fully integrated voice recognition application.

Achieve maximum efficiency in your warehouse with Locus WMS

Locus WMS is ideally suited for retail, wholesale, e-commerce, 3PL and production. The system also has a fast return on investment thanks to the immediate efficiency gains in your warehouse operations. Locus WMS adds value through:

  • Higher throughput and higher stock reliability
  • Direct management of employees through the assignment of straightforward tasks
  • Configurable workflows and reports based on your business rules
  • Integrated control of robot-based automation and mechanisation in your warehouse
  • Advanced shipping note functionality, TMS integration, dashboard interfaces and a voice-recognition application.

Locus WMS supports all known methods and procedures in warehouse logistics, including wave picking, e-fulfilment, Value Added Logistics and omnichannel retailing. 

Chain collaboration is key

In modern logistics processes, real-time, accurate information exchange is essential. Locus WMS therefore plays a crucial role within your IT landscape, ensuring that stock data is kept up to date at all times wherever it is stored. The system also facilitates smooth communication with logistics partners and customers, thereby stimulating chain collaboration — the method that is set to drive the development of the logistics sector in the coming years.