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inPosition: the omnichannel evolution of CoolCat’s POS landscape

02 December 2018

Since 2018, every one of CoolCat Fashion’s 110 stores have been working with inPosition, Centric’s omnichannel retail platform. Store manager Dominique Nieuwenkamp, sales director Paul van Beek and IT director Daniël Blank tell us about their experience.

‘CoolCat really wants to position itself as an omnichannel retailer,’ says IT director Daniël. ‘That’s why we went looking for a new POS system to provide customers with better, more convenient, more enjoyable service. Of all the solutions available, inPosition emerged as the most fully developed.’

Paying in the fitting room

One way customers and staff experience enhanced ease of use is with the mobile checkout. ‘Our customers can pay while still in the fitting room if they like,’ explains store manager Dominique. ‘And if they want to order online, they can do that right here in the store. Their order will be delivered to their home, or to the store if they want to try it on here.’

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It’s the overall experience that counts

‘Whereas it used to be all about the product, these days it’s the overall experience that counts,’ explains sales director Paul van Beek. ‘Customers who take the trouble to go to a bricks-and-mortar store expect more. They want to be “wowed”, and not just with the presentation of the product and the attention they get from our staff in the store, but by the overall shopping experience, the entire process.’

Buy now, wear now

Daniël has seen how technology is playing an increasingly important role in retail. ‘The customer is becoming more and more demanding, and the time to market shorter and shorter; it’s a matter of “buy now, wear now”. Additions to the traditional checkout like tablet assisted sales and mobile POS are things that the consumer really demands, and these solutions allow us to use all sales channels – offline and online – in the store.’

Evolution of the POS landscape

‘inPosition is a logical next step because we have been using Centric POS terminals for years and were ready for an upgrade. The integration of fixed and mobile on the inPosition platform offers us everything we need in terms of channel integration. inPosition marks the evolution of our POS landscape.’

Making things easy for the customer

According to Paul, it makes no difference whether the customer shops online or in the store. ‘That the customer knows who you are and what you stand for, that's what matters. Online or offline, you need to make things as easy as possible for customers when they are buying your product.’

Staying longer

Providing a better customer experience really pays off. Dominique has seen this in action in the store. ‘For instance, our air hockey table encourages people to hang around the store longer. Everything we do helps to create a positive customer experience.’

Growing and consolidating

‘We are experiencing healthy international growth, recently adding the German online shop for example,’ says Paul. ‘We also operate in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. When it comes to the physical locations, we are busy consolidating, answering questions like “What are the right locations?” and “How can we be even more successful in our current locations?”’

Fully-fledged international party

Daniël feels the company has a very good relationship with Centric. ‘Of course, with a roll-out to more than 250 existing POS terminals, something is sure to go wrong on occasion. However, both parties’ ability to tackle problems ultimately made the project a success. What’s more, Centric is one of the few players that is a fully-fledged international party, with first-line and second-line support. That’s essential for us. With inPosition, CoolCat is ready to face the years ahead.’