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Logistic service providers can improve the quality of their services with our intelligent standard solutions for digital management and data exchange

Developments in the logistics sector

The world of logistic service providers is in a permanent state of flux. The branch is always on the lookout for ways to optimise processes and better meet expectations in the chain, in both warehouses and distribution centres, as well as en route to the destination using smart on-board computers. Digitisation and smart IT are consistently at the heart of market changes. For many years, leading logistic service providers have relied on Centric as a dedicated partner, putting total faith in our extensive market knowledge, innovative solutions and flexible services.

Discover the benefits of digitisation and efficient logistics processes:

  • Receive real-time summaries and insights into your transport process and improve the quality of your services with Plan&Go TMS.
  • Find out more about LISA, the standardised digital platform for all logistics flows.
  • Streamline your operations with our warehouse management systems In&Out WMS and Locus WMS.
  • Easily redirect traffic in unexpected situations

As a logistic service provider, you have a leading role to play in the 24-hour economy, and your services have to meet a high set of standards. To be able to provide effective logistic services, you need to be able to react quickly and efficiently when unexpected situations arise. You need to have a good understanding of the overall picture, and you also need to know exactly what is going on so you can be proactive in how you manage the situation. Plan&Go provides you with information in real time and helps you constantly optimise your business operations, improving both the efficiency of your work and the level of service you provide.

Opt for real-time summaries and insights into your transport process and improve the quality of your services with Plan&Go TMS.

Digital exchange in the logistics chain

Economic growth is accelerating and consumer spending is on the up. If you as a logistic service provider want to make the most of these changes, now is the time to move away from managing your business processes on paper and embrace the new, digitised world, for greater efficiency and lower costs for both you and your customers.

Find out more about LISA, a standardised digital platform for all logistics flows, from manufacturers to distribution centres and store delivery to e-commerce.