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Centric Construction Solutions

Under the name Centric Construction Solutions, Centric Belgium provides a complete suite of solutions for every type of construction company. We supply both the public and private sectors, whether for short-term or long-term projects. Our solutions originate from a combination of long-standing customer relationships and a commitment to being a strategic partner in the construction industry, with a clear vision and the drive to follow through and realise this vision.

Our solutions focus on the project itself.  All commercial, logistic and financial processes are supported throughout the entire duration of your project. Thanks to Centric Building Solutions you can follow every project from the first idea to the final touch!

The core of the solution consists of the following submodules:

  • CONTACT: CRM solution (relations management, contact management, mailings, tendering,…)
  • PROJECT: total solution for project management (project development, calculation, buyer administration, work preparation, planning, project follow-up and post-calculation, quote requests and quote comparisons, purchasing and inventory management, materials management, HR management, progress reports and invoicing,...)
  • FINACC: financial management solution (general and analytical accounting, creditor management, CODA, consolidation, investments and write-offs,...)

Centric has partnered with Arco for extensive collaboration in the field of document management and workflow, utilising its Arco DocRoom, Arco Routing and Arco invoice solutions.

The entire suite is based on the most recent Oracle technology.  The open database and powerful BI, Portal en e-learning tools ensure that you get the highest possible return on your investment.