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Service management

Even after completion of a project, you continue to have years of warranty obligations for the buildings and installations that you have realised. Centric Construction Solutions offers you the CS Service module for systematic maintenance and management of these projects. CS Service is a specialised module that goes beyond merely registering and following up on complaints related to the construction or installation project.

This solution focuses on both the planning and execution of all kinds of service activities and also offers extensive options for drawing up and invoicing contracts with clients. The properties you manage are registered in detail and a periodic maintenance schedule can be linked to each component.

The various modules of CS Project and CS Service are integrated on different levels, yielding a significant benefit for project-driven companies, such as installation companies with an after-sales service department.

With CS Service, the internal workflow of an intervention is streamlined, reducing the chance of error to nil. Thanks to the wide range of available options, the various contract types can be easily managed to ensure a solid foundation for customer-oriented follow-up.

The graphic planning provides those in charge with a clear overview of the work assignments to be scheduled and the work assignments that have already been scheduled, arranged by customer and technician. The ease of use which the scheduling board offers the user yields higher efficiency and better customer service. Things such as the travel distance, availability and knowledge of a particular technician can be taken into account when scheduling.

CS Service also has a mobile application, CS mobile, which allows technicians to receive, view and process their scheduled work assignments remotely.