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Project management

CS Project is the broad, integrated solution for project management. The software is specifically aimed at construction companies, though also suitable for organisations that develop and coordinate construction projects, such as project developers.

Financial planning and monitoring plays an important role in CS Project. CS Project manages the process, including everything from development, calculation and preparation to the execution and monitoring of construction projects. With CS Project you have a handle on the whole process: cooperation at the building site, logging of hours, production status, scheduling of staff, machines, materials and subcontractors. The application enables management of all the business associates, contacts and documents (drawings, tenders, contracts etc.) pertaining to your projects.


  • Various calculation methods, all based on the same underlying logic suitable for calculating every kind of construction or installation project. The in-depth comprehensiveness and numerous conveniences allow you to make a complete cost price and sales price calculation extremely fast. The different calculation methods can be combined for use together.
  • The cost configurator makes it possible to calculate the cost price and selling price of a standard residence or modular construction project with exceptional speed and accuracy.
  • Buyer administration and document management: you can easily set up a digital project file and share project information with all interested parties through web portals.
  • Extensive financial monitoring for keeping track of progress and your budget, as well as a well-founded prognosis of the final result, so you always have an eye on the current status of your projects. In addition, you have constant access to project history.
  • Complete integration with software from the most common social secretariats, such as SD Worx, Groep S, HDP and Dienstbetoon
  • Thanks to the planning function, you can make optimal use of resources for carrying out the project. The planning module is integrated with all of the application’s other modules. The planner is automatically alerted to changes in personnel or material management. The module provides sufficient resource planning, project planning and financial planning.
  • CS Project is of course fully integrated with CS Service, CS Finacc and CS Contact, and with the Arco DocRoom, Arco Routing and Arco Invoice applications.