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Controlled Migration Framework

Nowadays, complex architectures demand a reliable approach during a migration. The complexity of integration within an organisation has increased to such an extent that there are more aspects to a migration approach than ever before. Centric pays a lot of attention to careful preparation, supervision and precise, phased planning to ensure that a migration project runs smoothly. This can all be managed with the Controlled Migration Framework.

What does the Controlled Migration Framework offer?

The Controlled Migration Framework helps you manage your process steps, risks and decision-making in advance. This is accomplished pursuant to a PRINCE2 approach which is fully tailored to the implementation of your new infrastructure. Centric integrates knowledge of the latest technological developments and management insights into the entire process.

The Controlled Migration Framework consists of three stages:

Architecture - Realisation - Rollout

The Controlled Migration Framework is modular: you can decide whether to perform each stage independently or in combination. You choose exactly what you need.

Centric pays a lot of attention to communication and collaboration. You always have a clear point of contact and are periodically informed of the status and progress of the project. So you always have control over, and insight into, the complete process, while production continues as normal.

In short: with the Controlled Migration Framework your business process remains up and running while ICT users are surprised by the smooth rollout of your new ICT infrastructure.

Advantages of the Controlled Migration Framework

  • You have full insight into and control over costs, project results and project duration thanks to a clear approach and staging of the migration procedure
  • Lots of support and quick user acceptance of the products supplied thanks to constant dialogue with your administrators and users
  • There is no need to reinvent the wheel: best practices at low costs