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Migration Services

Complex architectures demand a reliable approach during a migration. Careful preparation, planning and supervision of a project are the key to its success.

Centric employs proven methodologies to guarantee the quality of migration projects. Our pragmatic approach is based on ITIL and PRINCE2 and ensures clear phasing and planning. Our methods include all the resources needed to successfully carry out a project, such as checklists, roadmaps and communication plans.

Controlled Migration Framework

Centric offers a reliable, tried-and-tested project approach to prepare and execute complicated migrations with the highest precision. You gain insight into the migration process while keeping costs and implementation time under control.

The professional approach offered by Controlled Migration Framework ensures a controlled transition. This approach makes it possible for you and for us to guide and control the project. Controlled Migration Framework consists of three stages: Architecture, Realisation and Rollout. The modular design of our method lets you outsource exactly what you want.

We will work closely with your organisation to design the phasing of the project. Intensive communication with you, your administrators and end users is essential for success. This continual dialogue ensures that you are the guiding factor in the process.