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Workplace Rollout

No organisation can avoid carrying out a migration now and then. However, this is often put off for as long as possible. Why are organisations so reluctant to perform migrations?

The answer is simple: it’s a time-consuming process with many operational activities. You would prefer to let your ICT technicians stick to their daily tasks. Also, you want your users to be inconvenienced as little as possible by the migration. Centric has the solution for you: we provide you with a satisfactory rollout process that can give you ready-to-use PCs in just a short time.

You decide the schedule for the rollout yourself. We first make an inventory of the hardware in your organisation and the wishes and requirements that you have for the new situation. This enables smart considerations regarding possible reuse of used hardware. We pick up the obsolete hardware from your premises, replacing it with installed PCs.

New hardware is prepared for use in the Staging Room. Used infrastructure can be cleaned and upgraded for re-implementation. The infrastructure undergoes a final check in the actual workplace. You have the assurance that the infrastructure meets every requirement.

In addition to the ‘Staging Room’, Centric also owns a secure warehouse where the hardware inventory is maintained.